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Data Analytics examines various data sources in your organisation to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and most importantly insights into what matters most to your business. Well-run organizations leverages real-time predictive analytics to manage their business processes. We at Unichronic offer end to end services to help you transform data into decisions. As a strategic partner to our clients, we help them do business better using proven frameworks and delivery methodologies. Stay Informed – Stay Agile – Work Faster.

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Health Care

Patient records, insurance information , health plans and other types of information are full of key insights once analytics are applied. Life saving diagnoses and treatment can be applied almost immediately by analysing both structured as well as unstructured data.


Various foot prints of customers either in Digital Form or behavioural can drive customer service. As shoppers expect retailers to understand exactly what they need, when they need it insights in to data helps retailers meet those demands. Predict customer behaviour and boost your business using Data analytics and Business Intelligence.

Media & Entertainment

TRP is key measure for success in M&E industry. But customer taste can be hard to gauge – especially in a timely manner. TV series and movies, for example, have a huge cash burn and time before they can get the verdict. Big data analytics gives this industry ability to collect viewers data, apply analytics and immediately identify what will hit right notes in viewers mind.

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Fantastic Work! The data visulization capabilities of your team is commendable!
Mr. Kris Kolo